glädjeglädjemixed media


My artwork is an expression of my passion for paint, texture, color, composition and communication of a fleeting experience.   Each piece is created in a very spontaneous and intuitive way as I react to each moment artistically. My work is a culmination of past experiences and explorations as a designer/illustrator/artist as I seek to find a composition and story that many times includes organic imagery in a loose, painterly style that will lead the viewer to their own interpretation.

Formulating a color palette to a point where it resonates for the piece is an important part of the process.  While working with paint and color I become engaged in the focus of the moment and creating becomes a journey that brings out the consequences of my reactions, at times with a sense of humor.  Scale, along with texture, and the juxtaposition of large brush strokes and fine detailed elements are also important aspects of the compositions.  Finished pieces are a destination at the end of a visual journey where I encounter twists and turns and puzzles that are resolved when the final outcome reaches a harmonious balance-or perhaps, a satisfying imbalance. 

Over time I have come to realize that there are certain types of imagery that keep finding their way back into my artwork and in some way resonates somewhere inside my subconscious. As an explorer of imagery my art pieces are constantly evolving and yet have a thread of familiarity throughout.  My inspiration is derived from nature, color, texture, simplicity and line.



South Shore Art Center

The Painting Center

International Print Center New York

Coastal Printmakers